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The Bayerischer Motorrad Verein

Vision Statement
To promote the Bavarian Sports Club and the German Heritage through the camaraderie of safe motorcycling.

Established in 2015, the Bayerischer Motorrad Verein is made up of members of the Bavarian Sports Club who love to ride, both street and dirt bikes.  The goal is to create lasting friendships, promote the Bavarian culture, and promote the Bavarian Sports Club.

Monthly meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 8pm at the Bavarian Sports Club.

How to Join
Anyone can ride with the motorcycle riders club.  A full patch membership of the BSC BMV can be earned if you participate in 3 Bavarian Sports Club events and become and active (full) member of the Bavarian Sports Club.

2019 Calendar of Events

*Every 4th Wednesday – Meeting to discuss the upcoming dates and events

*During the Summer months, every Tuesday we meet for a fun time at Wesley Bike Night on Adams Street.

    4/28/19 – First Bike Run of 2019, Destination TBD
    5/3/19- Cinco de Mileage Friday Night Dinner at the BSC
    5/11/19-May Bike Run, The Dog House - Tecumseh, Michigan
    5/24/19 thru 5/26/19 - Sandusky Bike Week(end)
    6/22/19 – Annual Father’s Day Bike Run to Grand Rapids, Ohio
    7/13/19? – Annual Sommerfest Bike Show
    7/20/19-Down for the Ride
    8/10/19-August Bike Run, Destination TBD
    9/7/19 – September Lake Bike Run, Sandusky, Port Clinton Area
    9/11/19 – 911 Remembrance, American Legion Post 514
    9/13-9/15/19?-Patched Member Irish Hills Campout
    10/12/19-October Bike Run Fremont Pizza Depot
    November 2019 – BMV night with the Toledo Walleye
    December 2019 - End of Year Gathering

** Subject to change with additions and subtractions. 
** Sometimes during the summer, we have a quick ride on a weeknight. 
**See our Facebook for events once the schedule is finalized.

Dates and times are subject to change due to weather, so please check our Facebook page, BSC Bayerischer Motorrad Verein, for up-to-date information.  Questions?  Contact Heidi Sickler at

Kommen Sie, und fahren Sie mit uns!